The World Financial Center (WFC) and Ground Zero

Video I made today from videos and still photos from my old Canon Camera.

Christmas 2010 at the WFC

Last Saturday, I started into the city intending to go to the Central Park zoo, but on the #1 subway that I caught in Manhattan at the ferry terminal, I suddenly changed my mind. On Twitter, I started following the Battery Park branch of the New York Public Library. Their last Twitter was how they had the largest collection of DVD’s of any library.   I decided to check it out.  I exited the subway at Chambers Street and walked over to Murray Street and then West to the Library, going through the SoHo area.   Surprisingly, I had never been through this area of SoHo for at least ten years.  I was pleasantly surprised to see all the new stores–including a beautiful Whole Foods Market with a large area for public seating and free WiFi and a Barnes & Noble.  The library was only about 4 blocks after getting off the subway.  It was beautiful and modern with free wifi and lots of places to plug in a computer.  I checked out of the library “The Closer – 5th Season.”  I just love that show.

After leaving the library, I walked over to the World Financial Center. This was my first visit to the WFC since before 9/11. It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in New York. It’s located across the street from Ground Zero and the facade of the WFC was greatly injured in that catastrophe. Fortunately, it didn’t take as much time to repair as Ground Zero itself.

World Financial Center at Christmas

From the front windows of the WFC, one can get the best view of Ground Zero from anyplace. These windows I’m talking about are elevated, so one can see ground zero above street level and looking down on much of it.  The WFC has many mall-style shops, like the Gap, and a multitude of restaurants of every nationality;  However, the people who visit them,  are mostly the people who work in the building or work close by; therefore, the building is largely deserted on the weekends, which makes it a nice time to visit if one is adverse to large crowds.  However, not all the WFC stores and restaurants are open on the weekends, because of the reduction in traffic.  The building offers a large amount of public sitting and picnicking space so you can buy coffee at Starbucks and take it out and sit in one of the beautiful spaces, as shown in my photos.

It was only about 30 degrees outside on Saturday, but warm inside the WFC, which as you can see by the photos, is enormous.  I can’t imagine what it must cost to keep it warm in the winter.

Looking at the Ground Zero site from inside the World Trade Center

This area of Soho is a beautiful area of the city, which is mostly very new. The Trump SoHo hotel is also located there, which I read is where Colin Firth stayed the last time he was in New York.

I bought this new program for making videos, called Corel VideoStudio Express, and spent much of my weekend trying to work with it to make a video of my photos I took on Saturday. However, I’m having much trouble with it in that my computer keeps crashing before I can get a video finished.

So far I’ve bought two software programs for making videos, and the one that works the best is the one I got for free that anyone can download from Windows Live. The only problem with this program is that it won’t accept the video extension that my newest camera makes.  The video above I made with my free video software program that you can download for free on Windows Live, and I used videos and photos from my old Canon camera, which is only an inexpensive point and shoot.

Looking through the windows of the WFC at Ground Zero

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