Winter comes to Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan

While visiting the midtown branch of the Manhattan Public Library today, I wandered into Bryant Park and saw the ice skating, which I didn’t know they had.

The park has two new restaurants:  the Celsius, see photo and movie, and the “Southwest Porch” with a fire pit in the center.  The southwest porch of the park is a famous section of the park from which the restaurant took its name.  This bar has beautiful lawn chairs and the fire going, and you are able to sit there and just relax without buying anything if that’s what you want.  However, it wasn’t what I wanted, so I bought an Irish Coffee.  It cost $9, but it was really big.  This bar also serves food.

Another restaurant that just opened up, named the Celsius, is the white building pictured below that faces the rink.  The only thing I don’t like about this restaurant, other than it’s over-priced,  is that they add the tip (15%) into your bill.  I know that’s becoming something many restaurants are doing now, but I would never return to a restaurant that does that.  The ironic thing is that if they hadn’t done that, I would probably have given an even larger tip.  However, it is a beautiful restaurant with a wonderful view of the ice skating and provides a good background for photo taking.

All the little stands that sell gifts for Christmas are already set up in the park.

Bryant Park is right in back of the library on 42nd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Ice Skating Rink in Bryant Park
Espresso Bar on 42nd St. Near Bryant Park and Midtown Library

Espresso bar has books painted on floor and walls.

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