Sunday Afternoon in Central Park

Yesterday, Sunday, October 24th, I spent most of the day in Central Park. It’s almost November and the leaves are just starting to wear their beautiful autumn colors. Very late this year. The warm day was almost 70 degrees and so many people. The following are a few of the photos I took.

Bethseda Fountain on a Sunday Afternoon

Near the Mall in Central Park


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon in Central Park

  1. great little video clip! i love park jams! there’s a small group in my park that is always outside the conservatory. … you are lucky to have had great weather sunday, it stormed here! i drive thru the park almost everyday and stopped yesterday for a few just cuz it was sunny and beautiful. we are both lucky to have great parks near us. i’m enjoying your photos of central as i didn’t get to spend much time there. … glad to see you are getting out and using your new camera so much!


    1. golden gate park. in fact yesterday the sun was shining in the early eve and i had my camera and thought to take a video for you of the jam i mentioned, but i had to get home. i will def someday soon! i took a still pic once, but a video will be much better. come to think of it i took a video once of a jam at the beach. if i come across either,… cheers, i’m enjoying your fall park series 🙂


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