Visiting the Getty Center in Los Angeles


My Friend Linda Jones (left) and I at the Getty Center in L.A. on Friday, 9/24/2010


I just spent 5 days in Los Angeles, from September 22 to September 27, 2010, where I stayed with my old friend Linda Jones at her home in Playa del Rey.  On Saturday night we went to our 50th high school reunion together.  The other days she spent showing me the city where I grew up, but hadn’t been since 1984.  I had come home for the Olympics in L.A. that summer, but left soon after.  One of the things that Linda and I did that I enjoyed the most on my visit was visit the Getty Center in the hills of Brentwood.  I loved the gardens the most and especially the Robert Irwin garden sculpture which you can see in the far background of the above photo.  We also took in the photography exhibit–excellent.  Beautiful views from the center to take photos of.  The Getty Center was designed by New York-based architect Richard Meier, whose work I deeply admire.  This was a gigantic project to accomplish.


Garden Sculpture by Robert Irwin at the Getty


One of the magnificent views a person can see  from the Getty Center in Brentwood. On Right is Beautiful Cactus Garden

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