The Classicism and Chaos Show at the Guggenheim NYC


Guggenheim Lobby


Last night, October 1, 2010, the Guggenheim Art Museum in NYC had a special showing of their new show, CHAOS AND CLASSICISM: ART IN FRANCE, ITALY, AND GERMANY, 1918–1936, for members only, which I attended. They had some nice early Picasso’s when he was painting in the classical style. During the two World Wars, Most European artists, including Picasso, began to value the Classical style of ancient Rome and Greece. Europe was in such a state of upheaval after WWI that they seemed to want to value the traditional as if that would give them some firm ground to stand on in a time of chaos. The Guggenheim Museum in NYC doesn’t allow photos to be taken of their art, so I’m just showing photos I took of surroundings.  However, the show had quite a few Picasso’s, some Leger’s, two Edward Steichen’s photos of Isadora Duncan, because those are quite classical in style, and many artists of whom I wasn’t familiar.   There was one German painting I really liked.  It was of a nude wearing nothing but black lace stocking sitting next to a classical sculpture.  This was supposed to show the difference between the two eras.


Guggenheim Museum Last Friday Night



Upper Wastside of New York seen from the east bank of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir


Before I attended the showing, I took a few photos at the Reservoir which is across the street from the Guggenheim.

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