Flying From Newark to Los Angeles

Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Last week I flew from Newark, NJ to Los Angeles where I spent five days before returning to my home on Staten Island.  Because it was the first time I had flown in twenty years, I found it very exciting.  I was taking photos like a mad woman.  These are some of the photos that I took from the plane that I thought were my best.  I hope someone beside me will find them interesting. To see more photos of my trip, visit me on Flickr.

Flying over the Midwest

This photo I took coming home.  Going to Los Angeles, clouds were below us the entire time, and I couldn’t see anything except clouds until we got to L.A. The round circles, I’ve been informed, are irrigation circles.

Flying Home over the Southern California Beach Area

I had window seats going and coming so that I could take photos. Very small seats on airplane with hardly any room for my computer–got to get a smaller computer. I flew on Continental. Both flights, to and from

Flying Home from L.A. Right after takeoff from LAX

L.A. very pleasant. However, on both flights, the person sitting next to me had no interest in talking to me whatsoever. I just read that on September 27, a new heat record of 113 degrees was set in L.A. That was the morning I left.

Plane Heading to LAX for a Landing
L.A. Freeways

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