More New York Subway Art

An Al Held painting in mosaic at the 53rd St. and Lexington Ave. Subway Station

(below) Mosaic that I found at the 86th St. and Lexington Subway station. I couldn’t find a plaque so I don’t know who they are by. It is based on the wheel of fortune motif.

Below: Mosaic’s from the #1 subway line at Houston Street in Greenwich Village.  These mosaics are from a series of 5 called “Platform Diving” (1994) by New York artist Deborah Brown.  They seem to equate being underground in the subway with being underwater.

Platform Diving–Notice how this is the #1 subway car and these mosaics are in the #1 subway station.

Platform Diving
Platform Diving

You might be interested in reading my post called “New York Subway Art,” which was the precursor to this post.

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