Lichtenstein Mural at the 42nd Street Subway Station

Mural by Roy Lichtenstein in the 42nd Street Subway Station

Today, I traveled into Manhattan.  Tucked into my purse, my new camera that I was planning to use for most of the day on practicing taking panoramas. Along my journey, I transferred from the N train to the #1 train at 42nd Street. When I was walking through the 42nd Street subway station I stopped in my tracks when the Lichenstein mural popped up in front of me.  I didn’t know about it being there.  It looked like the perfect photo-op for taking a panorama with my new Nikon Coolpix P100, which, is still only a point-and-shoot camera albeit a top-of-the-line model. I took three shots of the mural, moving left to right, then stitched the 3 photos together on my computer when I got home. Although not perfect, I thought it came out great. The stitching between the second and third photos is slightly noticeable, but I can’t see where the first and second are stitched together. How I love technology, especially when it facilitates art.

With my previous camera, when I used the telephoto lense to its maximum, the photos didn’t come out clear.  Therefore, I want to see how photos came out with my new camera when I used its telephoto capabilities to its maximum.  This is a photo of the top of the Empire State building, which is on 34th Street.  I took it from 23rd Street–11 blocks away.  You can actually see people looking out of the observation deck.

You can see people looking out at the view from the windows
Top of Empire State Building. Photo taken from 11 blocks away.

I think this would be a tremendous shot if one could actually see the faces of the people looking out from the Empire State Building. I will have to leave that shot to someone else until the time I can afford to buy an even better camera. I just bought my new camera, and all ready I feel that I’m beginning to out-grow it.

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