Big Bambú

big bambu detail

Yesterday, I express-bussed into the City. Saw a street fair on Sixth Avenue, so I got off the bus and walked through it a couple of blocks. Many people on the streets because of the holiday and also yesterday was supposedly the last day of bearable weather before the big heat wave begins, which is today. After walking a few blocks, I decided to go to Union Square because I needed to buy a container of wheat grass for my cat and couldn’t get that off my mind.

Big Bambú–an art installation on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

After I bought the wheat grass ($3.00), and rested a few minutes at one of the tables in the park, I took the #4 subway up to 86th Street intending to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I read about an exhibit they are having on their roof garden called Big Bambú. (see my photos below).

Big Bambú

Essentially, it is a structure made out of bamboo on the roof of the Met.  The bamboo is tied together by colorful rope.  The colorful rope makes the structure have a fabric art element.  There’s a ramp that people can walk up to the top of it, but no one is allowed to used it, except in some special guided instances.  It would probably fall down if too many people walked up at the same time.  I found the exhibit rather exciting only because it was so different.  It attracted a lot of people.  There’s also a bar on the roof, so you can drink while looking at it which helps with the excitement factor.

Big Bambu Sign
Click on sign to read about Doug and Mike Starn

You might like to check out the roof garden exhibit at the Met for the summer of 2012, called Cloud City by Tomás Saracino.

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