Prince Charles–aka, Charlie–The White Bengal Tiger

Prince Charles and his Sister, Whiskers

This is a photo found on the web–emailed to me by my new friend, Kim of San Francisco— of Prince Charles, a white Bengal tiger, and his sister, Whiskers, who was of normal coloring.  I think this is the best tiger photo I ever saw.  It reeks with love.  It shows that some family members can get along great with one another.

I photographed “Charlie,” as he was known to the zoo keepers, at the San Francisco Zoo where he resided from 1982 until his death in 1998; however, since I already put one of my two pictures of him on a previous blog (see my blog of   May 26th called “Put Art Into Your Life”), I won’t repeat it here.  However, Kim, a friend of the San Francisco Zoo, who has a blog called Goobers SFzoo Friends , posted a story about Prince Charles that incorporates my two photos of him, plus much interesting information concerning Charlie.  White tigers are very rare.  Since his sister is normal color, it must be albinism.  Although Prince Charles was in a zoo, he had open space to roam around in–as you can see in my photo below–had plenty to eat, and life-long veterinary care, which he wouldn’t have had in the wild, so maybe his life wasn’t too bad, although undoubtedly lonely.  He died when he was 16.  I don’t know the average life span of a tiger.  I hope he comes back reincarnated into a higher species on the totem pole–like maybe at the top.  Maybe in his next life he will be a real prince–not to say that he wasn’t one already.

Check out this wonderful blog post about Prince Charles called PJ and Prince Charles.

3 thoughts on “Prince Charles–aka, Charlie–The White Bengal Tiger

  1. I saw Charlie in the early 90’s and got a white tiger stuffed animal when I was there. My neighbor’s 5-year-old daughter loves the tiger so I am giving it to her after he gets a bath. Thanks for the beautiful tiger pictures and article. I posted it on my FB page. Gayle (liked that your name is spelled the same way as mine)


  2. my husband and i love this picture of charlie and his sister…. we want it hanging in our house, we have searched for it for a long time and we want to know if there is a way to purchase this photo? please email me!!


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