An Afternoon at Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY, USA

Midland Beach in Late Afternoon Looking South from Ocean Breeze Pier, Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY, May 19, 2010

Today, I visited Midland Beach, Staten Island, New York, where I lived for fifteen years before moving to my present apartment in Port Richmond, Staten Island. I liked Midland Beach and riding my bike along the FDR Boardwalk between South Beach and Midland Beach. I had lots of animals when I lived there, which I don’t now. Today I was hoping to see some of the wild turkeys that hang out around the Ocean Breeze Pier in Midland Beach, but they weren’t there today. I think they are usually there early in the mornings. I miss seeing them. I also miss Sparky the Opossum (see photo below), whom I used to feed in the evenings.

I  moved because I couldn’t afford my bungalow anymore and had to move into a subsidized apartment building for seniors. I like where I’m living now, but I miss all the animals and my garden. In my current apartment, we are only allowed one pet. I brought with me one of my cats, the one with the most seniority, Bobbi the Tailless.


Stopped by the South Beach library today and found a great crocheting book called Crochet Stitch Motifs, before going to search for the wild turkeys. Although I didn’t find the turkeys, I took some photos from the Ocean Breeze Pier (see above). The lighting this afternoon, as well as the clouds, was really mind boggling.

Below is another photo that I took back in 2007 early in the morning on the Ocean Breeze Pier. It’s one of my favorites. I want to be able to get financially independent again so I can move back to the beach area.

On the FDR Boardwalk, early morning in 2007.  In the far background is Brooklyn and in background on the right is Hoffman Island.
Sparkie the Opossum
This was my bungalow in Midland Beach, on Kiswick Ave., where I lived for 15 years.
Wild turkeys in Midland Beach grazing near the FDR boardwalk

Read my post:  Staten Island’s wild turkeys in danger.

2 thoughts on “An Afternoon at Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY, USA

  1. I saw your photo of kiswick street…..I spent all my summers on Kiswick st.Midland Beach-they we near Hunter ave and Kiswick the bunglows we a group and had a which fence in front…


  2. Gayle,
    I remember you, your mom, and grandmother (she had a nice old green studabaker). Linda Jones would like to get in touch with you.


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