Merry Christmas from Gayle

A little bit of art work I did to hang in the Arts & Crafts room of the senior home I live in.


Christmas Construction


Today, Dec. 8, First snow day in Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

Major John T. Alstrom, Jr., (1914-1984), Veterans Day 2017

Remembering my Father, John T. Alstrom, Jr., on Veteran’s Day 2017. Served in China & Aleutian Island during WWII and in Korea where is lost a leg when he stepped on a landmine.


Father in China during WWII
Father receiving Purple Heart for getting his leg blown off.

Halloween Paintings for 2017

I made two new paintings just for Halloween.  I live in a senior apartment building that has a big arts & crafts room where I like to exhibit my paintings.  When I can see them hanging up in a big room, it gives me a new perspective on them.  Already have new ideas for the “table’ picture, or maybe just make a new picture.

(Update:  my painting on my previous blog “City of Tomorrow 2” was stolen from hanging in the arts & crafts room.  Don’t know why: because they like Trump or dislike Trump?  Anyway will make a new one.)

Halloween 2017 (Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ canvas)


Zen Pumpkin.  Acrylic & marker pen on 8″ x 10″ canvas.  Mounted on a black canvas.

Decorative Art

I consider most of my paintings decorative art.  They brighten up and add interest to a room.  At least they do that to my rooms.  Not intended to give one a life-changing experience.  Here are a few I’ve done lately.


Marker Pen on 12″ x 12″ canvas mounted on 20″ x 20″ unpainted canvas.


The Forest (Acrylic & marker pen on 2″ x 2″ wood panel)